Great illustrations need great concepts woven within them. After all, aren't images supposed to speak a thousand words?
Let me tell your unique story, to your target audience, in a unique way that will compliment and enhance your projects in a way no stock image ever could.



Colour is more than just icing on the cake. Ray Fields (Artist and Animator) taugh me to think of colour as a 'sensation' felt within the eye and brain. Pairing the right colours or tones together can create colourful eye catching compositions that will set the mood or demand attention.



Every brief has it's own set of visual problems that need resolving, be it a strange layout to fit in within the copy, a small space that requires a complex image or the use of a limited colour pallete, such as a corporate identity.
Each image is designed to fit your exact needs.



The most important ingredient in any design, as without it, all work is cold and lifeless. In my opinion, passion is the difference between good and excellecent work. Let me bring your ideas to life with an infectous enthusiasm and passion designed to resonate with your desired audience.

Reasons to hire me!

If you were looking for an Illustrator for your next project - You just found him!

  • My goal is to create work that looks beautiful and colourful.
  • All work created to the highest standard
  • I can work with your existing colour palette or create one for you
  • All work styled to suit the project at hand
  • Deadlines strictly met
  • All instructions carefully followed
  • Member of the Association of Illustrators (AOI)
  • Member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
  • Friendly and approachable nature, so if you'd like a quotation please do get in touch!
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About Me

After travelling around Australia and New Zealand, I studied Graphic Design at Staffordshire University, specialising in Illustration.
It was while studying here (at the Stoke-on-Trent campus) that I met my partner Nina, and we've been inseparable ever since. We currently live in Pinner, north-west, Greater London, with our two lovely children and our cat, 'Bev'.

Other than design work, I enjoy going to the Cinema; love listening to Rock music; indulge in a spot of Photography; occasionally go swimming or running; I love camping in North Wales or watching light-hearted crime dramas.

I'm not a fan of straight lines, as you'll probably see, so wobbly, hand drawn lines are a key element to my style and help provide character and warmth to my work or character designs. I've also decided that black lines aren't always required in my new work, preferring to use other colours if necessary and now (depending on the colour scheme chosen) use dark blues, greens, browns, purples or any other relevant colours for shadows. Having been influenced by Ray Fields - I'll use complementary colours where I can to add some extra, eye catching energy.

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